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Vemma still losing money, losses in decline

PaymentWorld tied to VictoriaBank, continue to play dumb

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The next chapter in the TelexFree Trustee, PaymentWorld, Payza and VictoriaBank saga is an opposition filing by PaymentWorld. As far as the TelexFree Trustee is concerned, PaymentWorld US, PaymentWorld Limited and PaymentWorld LTD SRL are all the same entity. PaymentWorld US and PaymentWorld Moldova have the same management and oversight personnel. PaymentWorld US however are [Continue reading…]

Source: PaymentWorld tied to VictoriaBank, continue to play dumb

Burks’ “fishing expedition” motions denied

Two of Paul Burks’ recent filings saw him request a tax fraud indictment count be dismissed and evidentiary hearing pertaining to privileged communications. A decision on both Burks’ motions has been reached. The DOJ filed a response to Burks’ request for an evidentiary hearing. Referring to the motion as a “fishing expedition”, the DOJ claimed [Continue reading…]

Source: Burks’ “fishing expedition” motions denied

DOJ file Paul Burks trial brief

72 yo investor sues Lucrazon Global for elder financial abuse

Dave Savula – LegalShield Top Earner Passed Away


Dave Savula , LegalShield Top Earner has passed away.

In 2014 LegalShield has granted him a Lifetime Achievement Award:

“LegalShield, one of the nation’s leading providers of legal safeguards for individuals, families and small businesses, honored Dave Savula for his remarkable career as a LegalShield associate with the first ever Dave Savula Lifetime Achievement Award at a special ceremony in Ada, Oklahoma last evening.  

Savula received the award after a nearly 25 year sales career with the company, during which he became LegalShield’s first million dollar and multi-million dollar sales earner, as well as a leader in the multi-level marketing community.  

“Dave embodies what LegalShield associates should strive to be: hard working, persistent, dedicated, and of good moral character,” said Rip Mason, the CEO of LegalShield. “He has been integral to the success of the sales force and is a friend to many within the organization. With this award, we recognize and applaud his efforts to help provide legal safeguards to the masses.”

Savula and his wife Beverly became LegalShield members in 1985 before becoming associates in 1992. They pioneered a sales approach that is used throughout the company today. Over the years, he has been instrumental in training new LegalShield associates and is a renowned public and motivational speaker. He is a Diamond 7 associate, which is the highest sales designation a LegalShield associate can receive.

“I’m delighted to receive this award and honored that’s it named after me,” said Savula. “I was fortunate enough to have a great partner throughout my sales career and couldn’t have done it without the support of my wife Bev.  We thank LegalShield for giving us the opportunity to sell this outstanding product for nearly 25 years.”

The Dave Savula Lifetime Achievement award will be given at the discretion of LegalShield to honor associates and employees who embody LegalShield’score values and make an outstanding personal commitment to the organization.”

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Attraction Marketing System