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Youngevity Acquires FreeLife & L’dara Through Acquisition of Sorvana International

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SAN DIEGO, CA–(Marketwired – Jun 19, 2017) – Youngevity International , Inc. (OTCQX: YGYID ), a leading omni-direct lifestyle company, today announced it has entered into a definitive agreement for the acquisition of the assets of Sorvana International . Sorvana International was formed in November of 2016 been in business for 22 years providing natural wellness products predominantly in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Philippines and L’dara is known for its award winning patented skin care products. The companies have scheduled the closing of the transaction and the merger of the businesses to take place on July 1, 2017.

Ray Faltinsky, CEO and Co-Founder of Sorvana International stated, “For over 18 months we have been in discussions with Youngevity and other potential companies, and we came to the conclusion that Youngevity is the best fit for us and provides the best opportunity for our Wellness Partners around the world. I am impressed with Youngevity’s Executive Team and we are confident that Youngevity’s Omni-Direct, multi-vertical strategy represents an opportunity that has a tremendous future. Our Wellness Partners are very enthusiastic about the expanded opportunity to market and get rewarded for sales on thousands of products in a number of different categories, and in a number of new countries.”

“I can tell you that we dug very deeply and have found Youngevity has a very compelling vision and we believe the platform they have developed will provide enormous upside for our Wellness Partners and customers into the foreseeable future,” stated Co-Founder, Kevin Fournier, “I believe our Wellness Partners will have enormous success within Youngevity and I am confident Youngevity’s distributors and customers will enthusiastically embrace FreeLife and L’dara quality products.”

Mr. Faltinsky and Mr. Fournier will assist with all aspects of integrating Sorvana’s sales force and will continue as distributors of Youngevity following the closing.

“FreeLife has a proud 22 year history of success in the Direct Selling Profession and L’dara’s patented skin care products are very special. We believe acquiring Sorvana International represents a true extension of our mission of betterment, and delivering exceptional, science based wellness products for optimal health to our customers,” stated Steve Wallach , CEO and Co-Founder of Youngevity. He continued, “We are very proud of this acquisition as it represents our largest transaction in terms of top line revenue and in numbers of quality field leadership.”
“We are excited to announce the acquisition of Sorvana, as we anticipate our up-listing to the Nasdaq Capital Market Exchange on June 21. This business combination fortifies and strengthens our position in the US, Philippines, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, and Singapore,” stated Dave Briskie, President and CFO of Youngevity. We are optimistic about the substantial size of the data base of distributors and customers that is now available to Youngevity. We will immediately begin marketing to Sorvana’s 50,000 plus distributors and customers and look forward to working with the very impressive field leadership group that is part of this merger.”

Youngevity was founded upon the pioneering principles of Dr. Joel Wallach ; always looking forward to the betterment of society. Today Youngevity continues to meet this mission with groundbreaking products, innovative services and a fulfilling business opportunity individually defined through flexibility and personal lifestyle choices. And in this Pursuit of Betterment, the Company continues to build and grow its Youngevity Be the Change Foundation . 100% of the profits from Youngevity Be the Change Coffee , and other special products highlighted on the Foundation website finance Foundation operations.

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North Carolina Couple’s Total Life Changes Success Story

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On November 28, 2014, Sanford, North Carolina’s Darelle Taylor-Evans was introduced to Total Life Changes. Exactly one month later, his then-girlfriend Shekita informed him they were having a baby.

Just three days after that, Darelle’s supervisor at the factory where he’d worked for over 17 years informed him he was being laid off. What was supposed to be one of the best weeks of his life turned out to be one of the toughest.

With four kids already and another on the way, Darelle had to begin the New Year with a difficult choice: whether to scrape for another job working for somebody else, or to concentrate on running his TLC business from home.

Two years later, Darelle and Shekita are both TLC National Marketing Directors and are celebrating their first anniversary. “I had no previous experience with network marketing before Shekita’s aunt, and my eventual sponsor, Lisa Thomas reached out to me about TLC,” says Darelle. “She put me on a three-way call with National Marketing Director Bryant Huff, who explained the four ways TLC pays its IBOs, and I saw the potential it had to change my family’s life.”

Darelle enrolled with TLC that night.

“I’ve always had a passion for helping people and I love working with numbers. With my ambitions, it just felt natural to call the team I was already imagining building ‘Team Dream Big.’”

Team Dream Big has introduced hundreds of people to products like Iaso® Tea and Delgada® Slimming Coffee, and helped many more become five-figure earners with TLC, achieving a measure of financial independence. Shekita in particular loved how healthy she felt, and how good she looked after only seven days on Iaso® Detox Tea. It was natural she would enroll herself.

Darelle’s TLC business brings in $4,000 to $5,000 per month. “The compensation plan is designed so everyone that tries, wins,” says Darelle. “I believe at TLC everybody truly cares and wants you to be successful. Your past doesn’t matter. They let you be you, and use what gifts and talents you have to make the entire organization better.”

The fact that Total Life Changes attracts such a diverse group of entrepreneurs, from neophytes to network marketing like Darelle and Shekita to veterans of the sector, is testament to the opportunity it presents to create income and experience life-changing results by sharing its projects.

As you’d expect from the founder of Team Dream Big, Darelle’s goals are hardly modest. “My short-term goals are to continue helping other families reach their health and financial aims,” he says.

“In the longer-term, I expect to become a multi-million dollar earner.” TLC is allowing Darelle to leave a proud legacy for his family while continuing to maintain control over his own health. “I’m going to show people that not only can average people win here, but they can dream big and win bigger.”

About Total Life Changes

Total Life Changes offers a diverse product portfolio of health, wellness and beauty products. Founder and Tea Executive Officer Jack Fallon created TLC over 16 years ago with a single product: NutraBurst®.

Since that time, TLC has continued to develop the Iaso® brand of products to include a diverse and attractive product portfolio matched with a hybrid binary compensation plan that allows IBOs of TLC to be rewarded quickly for introducing new customers to our products and business opportunity. Find out why so many are saying, “It really is different over here.”

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Zija’s Empowering Opportunity Creates Unstoppable Women Leaders

In a skewed job market where 52% of jobs are held by women but only 8.1% are top earners and only 14% are in leadership positions, women are looking for ways to dedicate the time needed to become business leaders and balance family matters.

However, for over a decade, Zija International has been encouraging women to take advantage of their simple, business-building opportunity and to achieve their leadership goals.

The company has empowered women to start their own businesses, take on leadership roles, and drive their teams to become money-making success stories; all while maintaining a positive work-life balance. One group of women out of Mississippi has grown a hugely successful team of 2000+ members—made up of 98% women.

“My experience in climbing the ranks in corporate America was not easy because I was a woman, I had to work twice as hard for half the pay, but I did it anyway,”

Christen Goldsby , the team’s leader, says. “To be able to have the opportunity to teach other women how to not only supplement their income, but also replace their incomes and come home to their families is the real reward.”

Christen’s goal is to empower others like Zija has empowered her—to lead again and to inspire others to become part of something so much bigger than themselves. She says, “

Zija lets you be you, they embrace everyone’s differences and allow you to run your business as true business owners.”

Zija’s dedication to building a beneficial compensation plan and easy-to-replicate business model was one of the major factors that has excelled the quick expansion of this team. Another team leader, Lakyn Bynum , says,

“Not only was the business plan great, but the support and recognition we got and continue to get from our Upline and Zija corporate is unbelievable. They truly care so much!”

Erin Byram recognizes the dedication and hard work that comes from being a business builder, but finds it motivates her to grow and become the leader she has strived to be.

“I went from being a stay-at-home wife to making more than my husband, and trust me, there were times I wanted to pull my hair out and give up. But then I had to step back and look at what Zija has done for my family and it made me push harder.”

For some team members, Zija has been an opportunity to live the company’s mantra of Life Unlimited.

Lacey Reed says,

“Zija has changed my life. The opportunity and people have been such a blessing to me and my family. I’m so proud to be a part of such a great thing.”

The business opportunity provides a chance for people to become leaders and have supplemental income, but also take advantage of the benefits Zija’s products can provide.

Christen Bond says, “Through this company, I have found myself again. I enjoy my life and kids, I’ve lost 22 pounds, I have financial freedom, I have my health back, and I have my life back. There is no limit to what I can accomplish with Zija—the company truly empowers you. If you can think it, you can do it with Zija. I want everyone to feel what I’ve been feeling because of this company.”

Christen Goldsby’s leadership skills are influential, but her product testimony is equally powerful and a large portion of why she has one of the fastest-growing teams in the industry. “While some say Zija’s products have changed their life, I believe these products and this company has saved my life. Not only are the products amazing, but my husband and I are now able to both work from home and truly live Life Unlimited.”


Zija International , a privately held and privately-funded business founded by Kenneth E. Brailsford and led by President and CEO, Ryan Palmer, develops natural health, wellness, and beauty products. The company operates in more than 50 countries worldwide, pioneering the #NaturalHealthRevolution to help individuals achieve Life Unlimited.

Zija has seen consistent growth every year since it was founded over a decade and has received several awards, including and being named the “Fastest-Growing Company in Utah” by Utah Business Magazine. It has also been recognized on fastest-growing and top-revenue lists by Inc. Magazine, Direct Selling News and Utah Valley Magazine, and has received industry-specific MarComm, American Business (Stevies), and Davey Awards.

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Young Living Charges Against doTERRA Dismissed

doTERRAa Triple A Classified opportunity by Business For Home – is pleased to report that after five years of defending baseless allegations by Young Living, all charges against doTERRA and its defendants have been dismissed.

Not surprisingly, a jury of our peers found no merit in Young Living’s allegations and rejected every single one of Young Living’s claims for damages. Young Living’s abuse of our judicial system in an effort to slander doTERRA is finally over.

“We are pleased and grateful that the official court record now reflects the true genesis story of doTERRA—one of integrity, rectitude and hope,” said Dave Stirling, founding executive, chairman and CEO of doTERRA.

“We are vindicated and look forward to moving past this baseless lawsuit and continuing our mission of sharing the purest essential oils with the world.

We hope that Young Living will now move forward with its own business challenges and stop wasting resources on frivolous matters.”

When Young Living first filed this lawsuit in 2012 (nearly five years after the events allegedly occurred), it was quickly made apparent that the object was not legal justice, but rather a sinister and desperate marketing campaign to try to halt doTERRA’s remarkable ascension. Its campaign failed as doTERRA became the largest and most recognized leader in essential oils years ago.

In 2012, Young Living widely distributed a video of Gary Young heralding the filing of this lawsuit accusing doTERRA and doTERRA leaders of a veritable cornucopia of improper actions. Young Living put a link on its homepage to —a site that made all sorts of now refuted allegations. Young Living pushed propaganda about this lawsuit through every means imaginable. Young Living even hired an “expert” who astoundingly quantified the estimated damages at $350,008,747.

Young Living continued its disinformation campaign until the court began throwing out claim after claim because Young Living did not have any facts to back up its allegations. All of sudden the Gary Young video was removed and the prominent link to was taken down.

Background: The Young Living trial against doTERRA commenced on May 22, 2017 in the Fourth Judicial Court in Provo, Utah, with Judge Christine Johnson presiding. Long before the trial even began, all claims against doTERRA had already been thrown out.

All of the claims against many other named defendants also had been dismissed. Only four individual defendants remained: David Stirling, Emily Wright, Justin Harrison and Lil Shepherd. At issue in the trial were 13 total allegations that David, Emily, Justin and Lil breached their respective non-solicitation clauses (these clauses prevented them from soliciting any Young Living employees or distributors to join another company within a specified period time—six months for David and Emily and one year for Justin and Lil—after leaving Young Living).

Public court records now confirm that in 2007, David, Emily, Justin and Lil were all employed by Young Living, but they were becoming increasingly dissatisfied (and outright offended) by the way Young Living was conducting its business. Because of Gary Young’s outrageous practices, Young Living’s unequal and discriminatory pay for women, the diminishing quality of many of Young Living’s essential oils and Young Living’s relentless pressure to lie about the output of the Young Living farms to prop up the emerging Seed to Seal marketing scheme, each of them left Young Living.

David was fired in August 2007 and Emily quit a month later. They, along with other founders, eventually began planning what would soon become doTERRA, but, as the court found, assiduously avoided soliciting any Young Living distributors until they were contractually free to do so. Justin and Lil both quit in February 2008 and joined doTERRA soon after. Again, the court found that neither Justin nor Lil improperly solicited Young Living distributors before their respective “lock-out” periods expired.

In fact, the court’s decision shows that it was a wasteful and conniving use of our country’s legal system. What became abundantly clear through the course of the trial was not only that these four did not breach their contracts, but that they went to extraordinary steps to ensure they upheld their agreements. Over the past five years, even as no evidence of wrongdoing was ever disclosed, Young Living had countless opportunities to end this travesty. Nevertheless, despite having its case continually whittled down and now completely dismissed, it doggedly pursued its unfounded allegations to the bitter end.

Sworn court testimony and exhibit after exhibit conclusively showed that the 13 former Young Living distributors in question (as well as thousands of other now former Young Living distributors) left Young Living because they too were fed up with Gary Young’s bad acts and were searching for an essential oil company that guaranteed the highest quality essential oils, transparency in its business practices and honesty in its claims about the products. That company was and remains doTERRA.

“Today, we are gratified that an objective judge and jurors found that doTERRA had not done anything wrong and accordingly awarded no damages,” said Emily Wright, founding executive and head of sales and marketing at doTERRA.

“Throughout this wasteful attack by Young Living and their rotating executive team, doTERRA has continued to impact more and more lives for good as we increase the doTERRA customer base in the United States and throughout the world.  We look forward to a continued bright future at doTERRA.”

About doTERRA

doTERRA is the world leader in sourcing, testing, manufacturing, and distribution of CPTG® essential oils through a global network of more than 3 million independent direct-sale distributors, known as Wellness Advocates.

doTERRA, the Latin derivative meaning “Gift of the Earth,” sets the standard for essential oils by having developed the expertise and commitment required to derive these unique oils directly from the best sources in the world.

doTERRA Co-Impact Sourcing® provides local growers and distillers fair compensation for their efforts, creating stronger local economies and a healthier, stable supply chain. In addition to a premium line of single-plant extracts and proprietary essential oil blends, the company offers oil-infused personal care and spa products, dietary supplements, and healthy living products for the home.

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Avon Products Inc. Appoints Miguel Fernandez As Global President

Avon recently announced the appointment of Miguel Fernandez as Global President, with responsibility for commercial business operations, effective August 14, 2017.

Miguel will report directly to Avon’s Chief Executive Officer, Sheri McCoy, and will be based at Avon’s headquarters in London. Miguel succeeds John Higson, who will be retiring in September from his role as Avon’s Executive Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer, following 32 years with Avon.

Miguel is a seasoned executive with more than 20 years of operating experience, including significant international experience and a proven track record in the direct selling industry. He joins Avon following nearly ten years at Herbalife Ltd., where he most recently served as Executive Vice President and Managing Director for the Americas and Worldwide Member Operations. Previously at Herbalife, Miguel served as Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Mexico, and Vice President Finance & Distributor Operations.

Sheri McCoy, Chief Executive Officer of Avon said: “I am delighted to welcome an executive of Miguel’s caliber to Avon’s leadership team. Miguel’s expertise in general management, global sales, marketing and operational excellence, will help us accelerate changes in our commercial operations and drive profitable growth.”

McCoy continued, “On behalf of the entire Avon team, I would like to thank John for his countless contributions to Avon, and his many years of dedicated service to the Avon Representatives. We wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

Prior to joining Herbalife, Miguel was Chief Financial Officer at OCC Mundial and Business Controller for Microsoft in Mexico. His earlier career included roles in investment banking at JPMorgan Chase in New York, and financial management at Procter & Gamble. Miguel holds a Bachelor of Science in industrial engineering, with honors, from the Monterrey Institute of Technology in Mexico and a Master of Business Administration from Darden School of Business, University of Virginia.

About Avon Products, Inc.
Avon is the Company that for 130 years has proudly stood for beauty, innovation, optimizm and, above all, women. Avon products include well-recognized and beloved brands such as ANEW, Avon Color, Avon Care, Skin-So-Soft, and Advance Techniques sold through nearly 6 million active independent Avon Sales Representatives.

Products include color cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, and fashion and home, featuring such well-recognized brand names as Avon Color, ANEW, Avon Care, Skin-So-Soft, and Advance Techniques.

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QNET Treats Underprivileged Children To Festive Shopping In Malaysia

With Hari Raya (the end of Ramadan) celebration just around the corner, and in the spirit of caring and sharing during this fasting month, QNET Malaysia treated 35 underprivileged children from the Association of Social Services and Community Development of Gombak Selangor (PSPK) to a Hari Raya shopping and an Iftar session at the Mydin Hypermarket in Malaysia recently.

Forty QNET Malaysia staff and volunteers took part in the activity which began with a Baju Raya (clothes for Raya) shopping for the 35 children aged between 7 to 17 years old. They also enjoyed some of the attractions in the shopping mall before breaking their fast at one of the restaurants.

“With RYTHM (Raise Yourself To Help Mankind) being QNET’s philosophy, it gives us great pleasure to bring happiness to these children this Ramadan. While most families are busy preparing for Hari Raya celebrations, however, it is just another ordinary day for children at welfare homes. This is why we make special efforts, such as treating them to a shopping and ‘Buka puasa’ (Breaking of Fast) session,” said QNET Chief Executive Officer Trevor Kuna.

The children were simply ecstatic having the opportunity to indulge in the shopping session.  They shopped for their new Hari Raya gear and were seen happily trying out their selected attire while being assisted by staff from QNET and Mydin Hypermarket.

“We are indeed very touched to witness the happiness and delightful smiles of these children who have been deprived of such simple activities during the festive season. This initiative serves as a reminder to us, to always practice compassion and be mindful of all the blessings,” added Trevor Kuna.

The children were also treated to an Iftar session with QNET CEO Trevor Kuna and staff of QNET.

QNET Staff and the children from the home with Trevor Kuna

About QNET:

QNET, a prominent Asian direct selling company, provides a wide range of life enhancing and luxury products that are offered through its proprietary e-commerce platform to customers and distributors in more than 100 countries. The company also has over 25 offices and agencies worldwide, and more than 50 stockists, apart from localised operations or franchisees in a number of countries.

Established in Hong Kong in 1998, QNET is a member of the Direct Selling Associations in Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Indonesia. QNET is also a member of the Hong Kong Health Food Association and the Health Supplements Industry Association of Singapore, among others.

QNET is active in sports sponsorships around the world, including football, badminton and more, due to the company’s strong belief that the drive, passion, and teamwork of sports mirror those of QNET. QNET recently signed a new and exciting partnership with Manchester City Football Club (MCFC), as its official direct selling partner for three years.

For more information, please visit the QNET website at

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