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The Role of Burger Viruses in Cancer

Isagenix International Recognized by Direct Selling Association as 2017 Top 20 Company

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Gilbert, Arizona (PRWEB) June 08, 2017Isagenix International, a global leader in health and wellness products and solutions, announced today that it has been named by the Direct Selling Association (DSA) to the 2017 DSA Top 20, a prestigious honor bestowed annually on the largest direct selling companies in the United States based on 2016 domestic net sales.

The company recently celebrated its 15-year anniversary in March of 2017, surpassing $5 billion in cumulative global sales since opening in 2012 and launching its 13th market in the U.K. in May of 2017.

“It’s a great honor to be recognized this year at the DSA Annual Event amongst many of our peers in the industry,” said Travis Ogden, Isagenix president and chief operating officer. “Our employees and associates have worked so hard to earn this recognition, and it’s no accident that we have reached so many amazing milestones in the past year. We look forward to what the future will bring as we continue to share our amazing products and solutions across the world.”

In 2016, Isagenix generated a total output of $2.5 billion while impacting the U.S. GDP by over $1.5 billion and creating an employment impact of nearly 13,500 jobs in the U.S. alone.

“The DSA Top 20 member companies truly are leaders in our industry and should be applauded both for the opportunities they offer millions of Americans and for the significant contributions they make to the economy,” said DSA president Joseph N. Mariano. “It is my very great honor to congratulate each DSA Top 20 member company; not only for this prestigious recognition, but for the devotion they show day in and day out to their customers and salespeople by virtue of their membership in DSA. They set an example our entire business model should be proud to follow.”

The DSA Top 20 is open exclusively to DSA members and based on the previous year’s sales. Isagenix has been a DSA member since 2007.

A record 20.5 million people were involved in direct selling in the United States in 2016, a 1.5 percent increase from the previous year. Overall estimated direct retail sales of $35.54 billion in 2016 is the second highest in direct selling history. An infographic summarizing the report can be found at

To learn more about Isagenix, visit our website at, subscribe to our blog at, like us on Facebook at, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @Isagenix.

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Mannatech Finds Most Aloe Vera Products Are Missing This Key Feature That Makes the Difference to Your Health

GUANGZHOU, China–(BUSINESS WIRE )–Mannatech®, Incorporated (NASDAQ: MTEX), which provides top-quality nutritional supplements for families in China through its website , provides one of the rarest derivatives of the legendary aloe vera plant that serves as the basis for many of its innovative health and wellness products.

“Mannatech takes great pains to ensure that we provide scientifically-backed product technology that is clinically tested. This is critical for our products that include aloe vera because we want to ensure we are delivering what we promise”

For more than 20 years, Mannatech has included a pure, exclusively refined ingredient derived from the gel of the aloe vera plant called “Manapol® powder.” Manapol powder is an essential ingredient in core Mannatech Glyconutritional products. Mannatech’s Advanced Ambrotose® powder and Ambrotose Complex powder are among the company’s top-selling products containing this aloe vera gel extract, and are known for their cognitive, immune and gastrointestinal benefits as well as cellular communication support.

There are many companies that sell products based on aloe vera gel. Some make boastful claims about what their products can do, but what most of these companies are missing are the clinical trials that scientifically validate their products. This is just one of a number of advantages that Mannatech provides its customers compared to almost all of its competitors, which helps to ensure that the wellness promises made are real and substantiated.

Since its founding, Mannatech has invested more than $50 million in research and development that includes a clinical testing program for its nutritional technology. In fact, Mannatech’s product technology has been the subject of 17 human clinical trials that have been published, 12 of which were double-blind, placebo-controlled studies—the gold standard for product validation.

With Mannatech’s rigorous testing and quality controls, its products are known for their effectiveness at supporting the health and wellness of its customers.

“Mannatech takes great pains to ensure that we provide scientifically-backed product technology that is clinically tested. This is critical for our products that include aloe vera because we want to ensure we are delivering what we promise,” said Alfredo “Al” Bala, CEO and President of Mannatech. “Customers of many other companies are taking a gamble on the effectiveness of their purchases, but with Mannatech, there is no such risk. We have the best suppliers, quality controls from the farm to the finished product and clinical trials to support the safety and efficacy of our product technology that few can match. Our message is that, if the company you purchase your aloe vera-based supplements from hasn’t conducted clinical trials, you should be wary of what is being claimed and what you are buying.”

Mannatech takes extraordinary steps to provide its customers with real, beneficial aloe vera-based products. This includes transparency down to the plant in the ground. A big part of the transparency promise Mannatech makes is tied to the technology and supply Mannatech has painstakingly developed through the years. For example, recently Mannatech announced it has secured its continuing source of premium Manapol powder with an exclusive deal with Natural Aloe Costa Rica.

Finally, the company is proud to have a Global Scientific Advisory Board, made up of physicians, scientists and researchers from around the world. These experts take part in Mannatech’s commitment to scientific validation and ensure that its customers have top scientific minds supporting their needs.

For more information about Mannatech and its products, please visit .†

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Starbit Gains Momentum With Its Blockchain Technology

Starbit International momentum is rising, every day new customers from 5 continents are signing up.

The company uses a network marketing compensation plan that rewards its distributors promoting blockchain information packs and new digital services with 10 different ways of earnings and one unique binary balanced system that thanks a special algorithm, rewards promoters on the double sales volumes generated by the weaker team and adds great benefits to all active promoters.

The unique blockchain opportunity with a real working service, an unique software algorithm as Brutus that feeds the momentum.

What is momentum in Direct Sales?

We asked Riccardo Vieri, director of innovation technology and training at Starbit:

“Momentum is the magic moment in Direct Selling – when the things you have always been dreaming, start to happen! It’s the power of a positive enthusiastic wave that impacts everyone around you!”

This is what we are experiencing at the moment: a new service with a Blochckain package for customers that is really creating huge enthusiasm in most users, because it’s easy and simple to use: Just invest 2 hours of your time to understand how it works, you start learning, practicing and the job is done!

Many Distributors we meet, have experience in food supplements and cosmetics. Explain why Blockchain industry represents an opportunity and how they can practice with a software, is much easier than becoming able in selling some special new food nutritionals to people that have to ingest them..  People just need to get used to a new “trend” coming..  Brutus substitutes to human’s work, so can do the job for you 24 hours a day!”

Luana Sicari , Starbit CSO added:

“What I like of this holy momentum we are experiencing is that for the first time in this industry, promoters can invest their time in networking, expanding their face-to-face community, finding new customers, spreading the company mission… while machines and computer ….does the rest!”

We just allow anyone to start learning useful information in one of the fastest growing industries worldwide.

You need a lot of “Momentum” in your career to grow. Momentum is hard to build, and easy to lose…. We know this and we all know that the big challenge is to work with people that are used to run business in a different way.

We understand that some people were believing to know this area because of previous experiences, but to be honest, some of them started businesses that had nothing to do with blockchain technology, so we need to provide a real vision of the market, of the compliance rules and of the brilliant future that anyone will meet with the right behavior.

That’s why we all are working hard with many new ideas to spread our mission and build a stable business model opportunity for generations to come. Everyone looking for a stable opportunity, willing to pay the natural price of growth, to get a phenomenal final prize, is welcome on board!

About Starbit International

Under the wise direction of a group of investors and technology partners, we can rely to a tem of experts in various areas ready to support the community, with over twenty years experience on financial management, administration, sales and technological innovation. A professional staff is at your service.

We are committed to selecting everything needed for a person to be informed and about blockchain technologies and various applications, making it easier, in a progressive manner, accessible to all, thus saving time and resources to anyone interested in this area.

The goal is to offer various degrees of knowledge to those who are interested in playing an acting rule, without the needing to become experts, like is happening today. Starbit also offers an opportunity to those who want to transform all this in a work from home opportunity.

Starbit uses a compensation plan that claims to be full compliance worldwide as there are no fees to subscribe, nothing to buy, and distributors are rewarded only from the sales of services. Starbits rewards distributors and accept payments by customers exclusively in Bitcoin.

For more information visit

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Jeunesse And Founder Wendy Lewis Garner Gold In Women World Awards

Jeunesse Founder and Chief Operations Officer Wendy Lewis has been highly honored for a second year in a row in the 2017 Women World Awards , receiving three Gold awards.

Lewis was honored with Gold awards for:

  • Female Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Woman of the Year – Lifetime Achievement
  • Champion of the Year

As a lifelong entrepreneur, Lewis has enjoyed a long and successful career, earning a multitude of awards and accolades. Jeunesse, the global company Lewis founded with her husband Randy Ray, marks the pinnacle of her professional success to date.

As an active Founder and COO, Wendy has helped lead Jeunesse through extraordinary growth since its inception in 2009.

The company has ranked among the Inc. 500/5000 fastest-growing private companies in America for the past three years, and now ranks among the largest direct selling companies in the world. This growth earned Jeunesse a Gold award for Company of the Year — Company Growth in this year’s competition.

“I am deeply honored to be recognized in the Women World Awards and applaud the competition for recognizing successful women in business around the world. I hope any success I’ve achieved serves as inspiration to those who aspire to achieve their own success,”

said Lewis.

The coveted Women World Awards is an annual industry and peer recognition program honoring women in business and organizations of all types and sizes in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

The program encompasses the world’s best in leadership, innovation, organizational performance, new products and services, and milestones from every major industry in the world.

Winners will be honored Monday, June 26, in San Francisco at the annual SVUS Red Carpet Awards Ceremony Dinner.

About Jeunesse

Jeunesse is a global direct selling company with a mission to positively impact the world by helping people look and feel young, while empowering them to unleash their potential.

The company’s exclusive skin care and nutritional products form a comprehensive Youth Enhancement System.

With multilingual customer service, back office support and a global enrollment system, Jeunesse utilizes a cutting-edge platform to share innovative products, training and support through 32 fully operational offices to markets in over 130 countries. Learn more at .

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45,000 Distributors Expected To Attend Primerica’s 2017 Convention

Beginning Wednesday, an expected 45,000 people will converge on Indianapolis to attend the 2017 Primerica International Convention at the Indianapolis Convention Center and Lucas Oil Stadium, June 14-17, 2017.

The biennial event will celebrate record achievements in meeting the financial needs of Main Street clients and the extraordinary success of our Field Leadership. It also will set the stage for continued growth throughout 2017 and beyond.

Glenn Williams, Primerica CEO, said, “Our Company and our Field Leadership have experienced a period of unprecedented growth since our 2015 Convention.

At that meeting, we set several ambitious goals to achieve before our 2017 event – I’m proud that we’ve met or exceeded every one of them. I’m particularly excited about the growth in the size of sales force over the past 24 months:

As of May 31, 2017, our sales force has exceeded 120,000 life insurance licensed representatives.

These men and women are committed to doing what’s right for their clients and for their teammates, every day.

“Our sales force growth comes at a time when our clients need our help the most. It’s widely accepted that there is a significant life insurance protection gap in North America, with some estimates reaching as high as $12 trillion. Additionally, studies show that most families are not saving enough for retirement.

Our sales force and Field Leadership stand ready to help more families take control of their finances and make a real difference in the lives of our clients.”

This event will be even more significant as we celebrate the Company’s 40th anniversary. In February 1977, a small group of visionary business leaders founded a company to help Main Street families find the right kind of insurance and help them save for retirement.

Now, more than 4 decades later, Primerica has become a leading distributor of financial products to middle income households in North America.

“Our Convention provides an opportunity for us to highlight the accomplishments from our first 40 years in business and to set the course for the next 40 years. Tens of thousands of our teammates will meet in the Lucas Oil Stadium where they will learn from dynamic leaders, attend workshops and seminars, and enhance their skills.

We will use this forum to build on the strong momentum we achieved in the first half of 2017 as we work to maximize the many opportunities that lie ahead for our clients, our Field Leaders, and our Company. Primerica is ideally positioned to meet the evolving needs of Main Street families now and for years to come.”

About Primerica, Inc.

Primerica, Inc., headquartered in Duluth, GA, is a leading distributor of financial products to middle income households in North America. Primerica representatives educate their Main Street clients about how to better prepare for a more secure financial future by assessing their needs and providing appropriate solutions through term life insurance, which we underwrite, and mutual funds, annuities and other financial products, which we distribute primarily on behalf of third parties.

In addition, Primerica provides an entrepreneurial full or part-time business opportunity for individuals seeking to earn income by distributing the company’s financial products. We insured approximately 5 million lives and have over 2 million client investment accounts at December 31, 2016. Primerica stock is included in the S&P MidCap 400 and the Russell 2000 stock indices and is traded on The New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “PRI”.

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