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Nutraceutical Titan Brad Woodgate Launches Purely Giving

This is not your typical MLM startup.  The Purely Giving founding team, led by entrepreneur extraordinaire, Brad Woodgate , is driven to give back.

As Founder and CEO one of the largest nutraceutical companies in North America, Brad and his team are bringing their 17-years of nutraceutical experience to the Direct Sales Industry…but with a twist.  Their primary focus is creating a platform where GIVING is the pure motivation ( ) .

“We feel strongly that you make a living by what you earn, but you make a difference by what you give.

The Direct Sales model is so powerful because the potential to give is unlike any other business model.  This industry attracts all types of people with differing motivations, but the one common denominator that brings everyone together is that we all want to give.  For some, it’s the gift of better health and finally feeling good.  For others, it is the gift making extra money and changing their family’s life.  While others yet, are hungry to grow in their confidence and skills.

Our intent is to give with every interaction that we have with others,”

said Brad Woodgate, the Founder & CEO of Purely Giving.

When asked why he would launch Purely Giving in the Direct Sales Industry, Brad’s reply was refreshing,

“For me personally, I’m at a point in my life where giving back and making a positive impact on the world has never been as important to me as it is right now. 


There is no other industry where you can dramatically change the lives of so many people as there is in this industry.”

Purely Giving is built on a platform that facilitates both Corporate Giving as well as Member Giving.  “Our mission is to give #ONEMILLIONGIFTS to those in need.  On the corporate side, with every purchase, we will donate clean drinking water, help solve world hunger, provide lifesaving vitamins, and provide vocational training to at-risk women and children.

Each one of those donations is considered a ‘gift’.  Our Members are encouraged to use 10% of their earnings to give gifts to causes that are near and dear to their hearts.  Our events, our amazing trips, and everything we do will be focused on giving to others and to ourselves.

I envision the day, in the very near future, where we are not only giving #ONEMILLIONGIFTS in a year, but in a month.  Just talking about it gets me excited.  Purely Giving will be a force for good that will positively impact the lives of so many people,” said Brad.

Purely Giving is allowing Members to enroll during their pre-launch period.  For those that join us on this giving movement between now and our official launch on January 1st, 2018, they will be gifted with a Founding Member Status and will be eligible to participate in a Founding Member Bonus Pool.

More About Purely Giving

Purely Giving™ is honored to launch in the United States Market as a purpose-driven company to give #ONEMILLIONGIFTS. Purely Giving™ offers its Members the opportunity to live an active, healthy lifestyle and at the same time give back to causes, people, and programs they are passionate about.

Purely Giving’s proven product lineup is designed to help in areas where most people struggle, including energy, weight loss, mood, relaxation, and sleep.

For additional information, visit:

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Wais Asadi From The UK Achieves Black Diamond Rank At OneLife

Over the last months, the United Kingdom has become the scenario of spectacular growth, which we also commented in a recent article on the leaders Dr. Parwiz Daud and Mansour Tawafi.

Wais Asadi , the featured leader today, joins that outstanding selection. He is also a member of the international team SUCCESS4ALL, founded and led by Igor E. Alberts and Andreea Cimbala , who are currently ranked number 1 in the Top Earners list.

Wais Asadi, who achieved the rank of Blue Diamond just a few months ago, has recently been recognized as a Black Diamond, one of the most prestigious qualifications within the company. An achievement that was possible thanks to his very clear vision, a mindset aimed at bringing out the best in his team and a humble, rational and hard-working personality.

It is probably also worth highlighting that Asadi has seen the darkest side of life and decided to transform that experience into hope.

I was born and spent part of my life in Afghanistan, a war-torn country which has been in conflict for half a century.


I have seen and experienced poverty and deprivation, first hand.

I know how tough life can be for those who weren’t able to catch a lucky break like I did. I was lucky enough to escape and live in a country with far greater opportunities. My responsibility now is to give others the lucky break they deserve.”

That is one of the reasons that made Wais Asadi decide to take this course in his life. There is also another reason, he says, which is the desire to be the master of his own time. Wais had it clear from a young age that in order to achieve that dream, he had to become an entrepreneur, rather than an employee, and to set up his own business in the traditional industry.

“Before Dr. Parwiz Daud and Mansour Tawafi introduced me to this miraculous opportunity, I was running several traditional businesses. However, the decision to take a step into network marketing was very simple:

I saw the opportunity to continue my entrepreneurial endeavour, in a field that I believe is the future of finance.”

So, having his own business in an industry and a company with the prospect of creating some significant change was the trigger for Wais Asadi to become a full-time networker, being as he calls it, “a humble servant of the people rather than an employer or a corporation”, even more than a leader, according to his words.

“I am working full-time to increase the strength of our network. I feel it is my duty to share the valuable insight we have been blessed with by becoming part of this wonderful opportunity, and it is up to us to share that blessing with as many people as possible while we still have the chance.”

For Wais Asadi, network marketing is not just a profession. It is a true passion, because of the freedom that the business in this industry provides, as well as because of having embraced the vision of the company. Not only does he think that the project will have a great impact on the next generations, but he expects the company to become one of the most powerful in the industry.

Wais Asadi Team

“I believe it will continue to change not just individual lives, but alter the course of entire family trees and impact the lives of generations yet to be born.

Moreover, it will forever be remembered as a historic network that opened an entirely new niche.”

But what is really interesting in Wais Asadi’s story is how a small businessman with little experience in networks reaches such a high rank, desired by many. I asked him about the process, the way travelled and the goals achieved.

“Hitting the Black Diamond rank was not an easy task, and I feel incredibly honoured and privileged to join the group of dedicated workers who have also achieved this milestone in this business.”

With that simplicity and humility that Wais Asadi shows throughout the interview, he insists that this recognition is above all a reflection of very hard work done by many people on his team over the course of a year.

“I want to congratulate and thank every single member of our team who has helped make this achievement possible. Without them, I wouldn’t be here today.”

So, one of his immediate projects right now is to focus on helping, personally, more and more members of his team to improve their income and ranks. Wais says it’s the best way to show them how grateful he is for their work.

In addition to his team, Wais Asadi mentions again Dr. Parwiz Daud and Mansour Tawafi, who invited him to the company, Igor E. Alberts and Andreea Cimbala, the founders of the team and dedicated mentors for many of its members, and, of course, Dr. Ruja Ignatova, the creator of this project, which Wais is passionate about and inspired by.

“When you help become part of the process of creation, telling stories like, for example, a full-time taxi driver quits his job, achieves success in Onelife Network and starts sending his kids to a private school, it’s not hard to get inspired, to inspire the team and those around you.“

But network marketing is not Asadi’s only passion, not his only “call”, as he defines it. In addition to his plans for the team and the business, Wais Asadi has great personal plans. It’s a goal that has been driven by network marketing and that is now possible thanks to this industry. Something that has become his main reason to work harder in the coming years.

“My greatest aspiration is to build orphanages in Afghanistan and in some other countries around the world, starting with the African continent.

My desire is not to merely provide a place for children to eat, sleep and play, but also the very best education the world has to offer, nurturing creativity, encouraging problem-solving skills, developing financial literacy, entrepreneurial spirit and social responsibility. I believe that in order to create lasting structural change, one has to start at the foundation, and that is why I wish to start by working with children, as they will shape the world of tomorrow.”

This is Wais Asadi, a leader who speaks about others before himself and who, having gone through such a terrible experience as a war, prefers to focus on making out of this world a better place to live. A cause that we all can contribute to.

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