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Mikhail Mukhlygin From Russia Achieves Millionaires Club At Global Intellect Service

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CEO of Global Intellect Service Viacheslav Ushenin is absolutely sure that all members of his team are real professionals worth talking about and that sharing their success stories is a great pleasure.

Global Intellect Service has established its own Millionaires Club which consists of leaders who achieved the income in the amount exceeding $1 000 000.

And today we’re going to talk about one of the most charismatic leaders of the international company Global Intellect Service who is a member of the Millionaires Club participating in the Top Leaders Board of the company – Mikhail Mukhlygin .

Mikhail Mukhlygin is not afraid of setting challenging goals for himself and his team as well. He keeps on achieving his targets with confidence. Mikhail runs the business from the very start of the company’s activity and he has already achieved amazing results. Today ‘Mikhail’s Squad’ includes 7,000+ partners.

During our conversation with Mikhail, we’ve asked him the following questions:

What did help you in achieving the top results?


If you have great plans and you’ re willing to establish long-term and reliable partnership relations, you should pay more attention at a company’s leadership board. It’s a platform of any successful business.

Forward-thinking and competencies are major components that lead company to success and prosperity. The development strategy of Global Intellect Service has been created by Viacheslav Ushenin and the Board of Top Leaders for the years in advance. It allows partners to maintain the high development rhythm.

To become a leader in a huge company like Global Intellect Service you must develop yourself both professionally and personally as well as to be a strong ‘team player.’ Being a professional and having some ambitious plans isn’t enough. Strong personal traits are also important.

The company’s forward-thinking strategy can be proved by arranging the training sessions and courses which are aimed not only at achieving the professional growth, but also at improving personal qualities.

As Mikhail said:

‘However high your results are, you should always find new reasons and ways to keep making progress. If a leader doesn’t have a target, the team won’t grow and develop.’

Mikhail, what is your inspiration?

Firstly, it’s my team. Watching how our partners achieve their goals and how our business becomes the tool for getting the most desirable things – it’s making me happy! Secondly, it’s an unlimited number of contacts. Your new fellow may not become your partner; however, you can get familiarized with an interesting person and good professional.

Global Intellect Service offers plenty of opportunities to partners and helps them in building a business, developing it and revealing their leadership and professional skills. However, joining a team, you have to renew yourself.

Company has created its own methods and standards that have already shown their effectiveness, thus you simply have to follow them at least during a couple of months and only after that you can start working on developing your personal strategy.

It’s also essential to understand what goals you want to achieve are and what you want to get out of this business is. Setting a goal is a half of any result achieved. And clear understanding of your aims is a key to success.

Mikhail, what kind of advice could you give to new partners?

Don’t give up! Keep moving forward! Stay flexible and look at every situation from different sides. Remember, there is always a shorter way towards your target and this way is waiting to be found.

About Global Intellect Service

Global Intellect Service creates innovative products for attracting and retaining customers. The referral marketing program used by the company serves as an alternative to the traditional advertising.

The mobile app created by GIS is aimed to unify a great number of customers and merchants. The combination of the special marketing tools helps our Clients optimize their business processes and communication chains with end customers.

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Mikhail Mukhlygin On Stage


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