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Highlights from the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Survey

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AGER 2016Amway has recently published its seventh annual Global Entrepreneurship Report (AGER), measuring “the public pulse of self-employment around the world” in its own words.

The first study was launched in 2010 as the “Amway European Entrepreneurship Report“ with 12,000 respondents, then expanded worldwide in 2013 as “AGER”, covering 24 countries. This last survey was conducted in 45 countries, with face-to-face and telephone interviews with 50,861 men and women aged 14-99. Fieldwork was completed by GfK Germany between April-June 2016.

Some of the key findings from the survey are:

Positive Attitude and Entrepreneurial Potential Remain High

77% of the respondents have positive attitudes towards entrepreneurship. 43% show entrepreneurial potential (respondents who can imagine starting a business). Positive attitude is the highest in Norway (96%), and the lowest in Turkey (42%). Entrepreneurial potential is found the most in Colombia (80%), and the least in Japan (15%).

Regional comparison is below (“red” showing the positive attitude, “blue” the potential):

Independence (50%) and Self-Fulfillment (47%) Are the Most Appealing Aspects to Start a Business

These two are followed by “second income prospects” (37%),  “better compatibility of family, leisure time and career” (33%), and “return to job market, alternative to unemployment” (25%). “Independence” is the most appealing to the Canadians (85%) and the Americans (82%).

Respondents Think Self-Employment Will Be More Likely in the Future

Globally, 39% say people in their country will more likely be self-employed in full-time or part-time in the next five years. This expectation is found the highest in Colombia (73%), Brazil (61%), and Netherlands (61%).

Respondents Are Comfortable With Searching and Acquiring Customers

56% of the respondents feel comfortable when they would have to search for and acquire customers, whereas 37% do not. Vietnam (96%), Mexico (84%), and Malaysia (79%) are the top there countries where the most comfortable people are found.

Global Average of the Amway Entrepreneurial Spirit Index (AESI) Remains Similar Compared to 2015

The report once again features the Amway Entrepreneurial Spirit Index (AESI). Introduced in 2015, the AESI measures three dimensions that impact a person’s intention to start a business: desirability, feasibility and stability against social pressure. These dimensions have equal weights on the overall index.

The average for all countries was 50 in this last survey (was “51” in 2015). The highest-scoring five countries are Vietnam (81), India (80), Thailand (77), China (74), and South Africa (74). The lowest scores come from Russia (33), Ukraine (33), Poland (32), Bulgaria (26), and Japan (26).

AESI 2016

In general, men had higher AESI scores (55) in all dimensions compared to women (47). Education also is found to have an impact on the AESI score. Those with a university degree had higher scores (56) compared to those without a university degree (49).

Please click here  if you wish to read the full report.

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