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Tupperware Company & Business Opportunity Review

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Tupperware Company & Business Opportunity Review

Company Tupperware
Web Site
Founded Earl Silas Tupper, Thomas Damigella and Brownie Wise 1946
Latest Review Date
In-Company Contact Phone: 800-366-3800

Fax: 407-826-8872

Company Description:

Tupperware is a worldwide producer of Polyethylene-based kitchenware and food containers. The company is currently based out of Orlando Florida and has been in business for over sixty years. Tupperware is best known for its line of sealable, stackable, high stress, temperature-resistant food containers that have become common kitchen items all over the world. Tupperware began in 1946 by Earl Silas Tupper when he met Thomas Damigella and Brownie Wise who were trying to sell household products through Stanley Home Products. The three entrepreneurs joined together and began producing the line of Tupperware that has turned into the product base it is today. Tupperware, a member of the DSA, supports charities and fundraisers through direct donations. The company’s management team claims to be strongly committed to giving back to communities and helping those in need.

Many Tupperware products originally boasted the patented “burping seal”, exclusive to Tupperware. Most Tupperware containers are made from plastic. The company also produces cutlery, cookware, and tools, in addition to picnic sets, school lunch sets, microwaveable sets, and freezer sets. Many of Tupperware’s products are stackable, can be bent, warped and treated with stress while maintaining shape. Tupperware products come in a variety of colors, including holiday themes.

Tupperware items and item sets range from $10 to $550 dollars depending on the product and its quality. The Company distributes its products a variety of different ways including Tupperware Consultants, Tupperware parties, catalogues and flyers, and web sites that focus on selling the products and recruiting new Tupperware consultants. Tupperware consultants have the opportunity to distribute products in exchange for varying levels of compensation, which includes discounts, commissions, and bonuses.

Starting a Tupperware business requires the purchase of a kit. New Tupperware Consultants can choose from the Business Kit for $79.99 or the Executive Business Kit for $119.99. Each kit contains products and marketing tools.

Key Products & Services:

Household storage products:

Jel-Ring Mold

Shape-O Toy

Stock Your Fridge Set

Tumbler Bouquet

Cereal Storer


Pick-A-Deli Round Container

Chef Series 8 Pc. Cookware Set

Round Cake Taker

Oval Microwave Cooker and Oval Microwave Cooking Rack

12 Inch Round Container

Hamburger Press and Freezer Set

Garlic Keeper

Quick Shake Container

CrystalWave Soup Mug


Compensation Plan

The Tupperware compensation plan starts with entry-level consultants buying a business kit ($79.99) or an executive kit ($119.99). Consultants are expected to achieve $250 in sales within 4 months and earn a 25% share of a profit on their retail sales. In addition, you will obtain a 5% bonus if you accomplish monthly sales of $1,200 and 10% for monthly sales of $3,200.

In addition, you also attain royalties on sales produced by your recruits. Once you have hired three new team members, all of which has made at least $500 in individual monthly sales volume, or a total sales volume for the four of you of $2,000, you will be preferred to be Manager and gain commissions ranging from 4% to 8% depending on how many recruits you’ve made. If you have recruited 9 consultants and have achieved $10,000 total team sales volume, you will be promoted to Director. Directors gain royalty payments of 6% to 12% on your team’s sales volume, as well as qualifying for Director Development Bonuses.


You Must Need To Put In Work To Attain Good Outcome.

The fact that Tupperware runs a legitimate company with best material, worldwide distribution and an enticing benefit plan does not mean that it’s the right chance for you and your family.

In spite of whatever your potential sponsor or upline leader states, it will bring work to develop a rewarding network marketing company. You have to present your lines, services and opportunity to wide numbers of new people continually over an extended period of time.


Company News

Press Release | 3/5/2014

ORLANDO, Fla., March 5, 2014 — Closing out a banner year in 2013, Tupperware Brands Corporation was recognized as one of the “World’s Most Admired Companies” in the Home Equipment category of the annual ranking from Fortune.

“Since last year’s rankings, Tupperware has continued to make great strides in empowering women across the world to pursue their entrepreneurial and personal goals,” said Rick Goings, Chairman and CEO of Tupperware Brands Corporation. “The categories for which Tupperware was recognized reflect our key business priorities, and we are honored to be ranked on Fortune’s Most Admired Companies list for the seventh year in a row.”

In Fortune’s rankings, Tupperware was noted for the quality of its global competitiveness, ranking first within the industry in that category. An example of Tupperware’s global impact, measured in 2013 by a Global Fairness Initiative study, is illustrated by this infographic showcasing the company’s social and economic impact in Indonesia.

Tupperware ranked second in the categories of innovation, social responsibility and quality of products/services.

Released annually, the Fortune World’s Most Admired Companies list is seen as the definitive report card on corporate reputation. The rankings reflect the observations and opinions of industry executives, directors, and analysts on multiple criteria, from investment value to social responsibility. The latest rankings can be found in the March 17, 2014 issue of the magazine, as well as online.


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