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Amway Company & Opportunity Review

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Amway Company & Opportunity Review

Company Amway
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Founded 1959
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In-Company Contact 800-253-6500

Company Description:

Amway is a global direct sales leader in home, health and beauty products. Founded in 1959, Amway now has 3 million Amway Business Owners in more than 80 countries and territories. Amway’s NUTRILITE is the world’s leading brand of vitamins and dietary supplements and is the only global brand to grow, harvest, and process plants on its own organic farms. Amway’s ARTISTRY brand is among the world’s top five largest-selling premium skincare brands. Amway and its parent company hold over 1,000 patents.

Key Products & Services:

Amway products offered are Nutrilite vitamin, mineral and nutritional supplements; Artistry skin care and colour cosmetics; Ribbon, a gift and incentive program that makes gift-giving easy; as well as everything from XS sports nutrition and eSpring water purifiers to home cleaners and personal care.

Compensation Plan

Two Ways to Make Money

The Amway Compensation Plan allows for 2 ways to make money on Amway products obviously a combination of the both is most profitable and advised by the company.

Method 1-30% Retail markup on products

As an IBO (Independent Business Owner) you get up to 35% discount on Amway products. When you get customers to buy your products you can charge them full price which puts that 30% into your pocket. The full price is market-competitive and charging your customers full price is your choice. Many IBO’s choose to give 10% discount to please the customer and the IBO still keeps the remaining 20% plus the PV which we will cover next!

Method 2- Amway compensation plan bonuses

The Amway Compensation Plan is simple. Each product has a value called business value (BV) and a point value (PV). The Amway exclusive products such as the Artistry, Nutrilite, Legacy of Clean, XS energy and eSpring have higher PV and BV than products from partner stores.

How much BV is accumulated within a month determines how much money you will make. The PV determines what percentage of the BV your bonus will make up. So the higher the PV and BV the bigger that check will be. For IBOs the PV and BV of each product is listed on the website and seeing your monthly PV and BV is easily accessible in the Business Center tab.

Company News

Amway Launches XS Sports Nutrition Line

Press Release | 4/24/2016

ADA, Mich., April 20, 2016 — Amway today announced the launch of the XS™ Sports Nutrition line, marking the company’s expansion in the sports and performance nutrition category and presenting an opportunity for the next generation of Amway Independent Business Owners (IBOs). The XS™ Sports Nutrition line is an extension of the XS™ brand, a line of healthier energy drinks, which Amway acquired in 2015. This further infuses Amway’s product portfolio with the energy, authenticity and quality customers expect.

The XS™ Sports Nutrition line features a variety of products, including protein powder and shakes, pre- and post-workout supplements, energy bars, and sports drinks that help active consumers to hydrate, energize, and recharge. The products help fuel an active and adventurous lifestyle by quenching thirst, boosting and sustaining energy, hastening recovery and building of lean muscle mass after exercise.

“This is an important time for Amway to expand our presence in the thriving sports nutrition market, which offers new and exciting business opportunities for the next generation of young entrepreneurs,” said Jackie Nickel, Amway chief marketing officer for the Americas. “Everyone can benefit from these products, from the athlete to the everyday active adult, living their own adventures and looking to challenge themselves. The launch presents an incredible new entrepreneurial opportunity for Amway Independent Business Owners to expand their customer base and product offerings.


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