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Executive Q&A: Martin Koehler, President Worldwide at PartyLite

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Martin KoehlerWe have Martin Koehler , President Worldwide of PartyLite this week. He held various executive positions at PartyLite after he joined in 1999. Martin is PartyLite’s global president since August 2016.

Could you tell us about your education?

I completed a degree course in communication sciences, psychology and sociology at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich after finishing school. Originally, I had intended to become a journalist or work in PR. But I was gripped by a passion for direct sales when I took a student job working for Jafra Cosmetics , a direct sales company. I was offered and accepted a position in marketing after graduating. I learned that the ‘power’ of the word is limited and that you can only really motivate and convince people if you ‘walk the talk’ by using effective action to underpin authentic communication.

What was your childhood dream?

I wanted to become an Egyptologist, certainly to explore the world, visit many countries, meet people and speak foreign languages. That’s what motivated and inspired me. I had this burning curiosity, and it continues to drive me today.

What were your past experiences before your current role at PartyLite?

In 1999 I moved from my position as Marketing Manager Germany for Jafra Cosmetics to PartyLite, where I was initially General Manager for PartyLite Switzerland. I was then made General Manager of PartyLite Germany in 2003. I was appointed President of PartyLite Europe in 2010. Europe became PartyLite’s biggest market around this time. We convinced crowds of people of our products and the company, moved into new markets – especially in eastern Europe – and helped our consultants to fulfil their potential and lead independent, successful lives.

What do you attribute your career success to most? Martin Koehler

Authenticity. We do not see PartyLite as your everyday company. Party is not just in the name of our company, it’s in our philosophy as well. We believe that our company is an experience, an opportunity for our consultants to be all that they can be. But it means that the boss of a company like this will need a broader repertoire of skills than just managing, deciding and preferably leading by example as well. I interpret my role as being part of a team that inspires, thrills and trains our consultants. Working for PartyLite has to be fun. It’s about passion and the pride of belonging to this fantastic community. So, my job is to help our consultants use their diversity and talent to maximize success.

What has been your most inspiring moment?

The particularly touching moments are when our consultants explain how much PartyLite has changed their lives. How they were able to make their dreams come true and give their families opportunities they would never have enjoyed without PartyLite or their own personal commitment. That’s why we consistently celebrate the amazing success of our consultants – at our national conferences or with our incentive trips. These are the opportunities to experience the success stories, big ones and small, that our company produces. And they are amazingly inspiring and motivating, not just for me, but for all of us here at PartyLite.

Your hobbies?

I really enjoy browsing through magazines from all over the world and like looking at modern art and photography. And I still enjoy travelling, however much I’m on the road for business.

How would you describe being a direct selling executive to an outsider?

Direct sales is always intimate. You cannot get by without loving the product and the brand. And you have to care just as much about the people that work for you, appreciate them and accept their perceptions of how they want things to be done. You’re dealing with independent colleagues. It’s our job to create lucrative incentives, to provide guidance and to enable training to maximize the number of consultants enjoying the best possible success. We enable people to become entrepreneurs, not employees.

What is your biggest achievement at PartyLite?

My path at PartyLite took me from the position of Marketing Manager in Germany to President Worldwide. I believe that I owe this stellar ascent to the continuity of my work and my personality as well, of course. So I would tend to speak of steady performance instead of an exceptional one. Naturally it helps a lot if you love what you do and sell and you don’t associate each promotion with an apparent increase in power, but especially with the added responsibility that goes with each new position.

Martin KoehlerAnd your biggest challenge at a direct selling company executive role?

When I became President Worldwide, it was the second switch at the top in quick succession. There had also been a change in ownership and necessary restructuring measures. It was only natural that I sensed uncertainty among our full-time staff and consultants, so my biggest concern was to radically transform that mood.

My guiding principle was to reignite the enthusiasm for PartyLite and to return the love of our products, the fragrances and the stories they tell to the heart of our work. I believe that the team and I have succeeded. Now the time has come to shape the future. We are currently investing several million dollars in an update of our digital presence and above all in the digital tools used by our consultants. Our goal is to create a modern, exciting and interactive job experience and customer journey for current and future PartyLite fans.

What would be your best advice to those who are thinking of joining a direct sales company at a corporate position?

Besides the love of the product – which I believe is indispensable in direct sales – it is the absolute determination to help people reach their goals that drives us. Direct sales companies can only be successful if their consultants are, too. So the most important task of every employee – in any position within the direct sales company – is to be willing to do what it takes to ensure that every consultant is successful.


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The owner, founder and CEO, Dave Jordan was very successful in network marketing but at the same time profoundly disappointed at what he saw and what he experienced.

He loved the industry but was turned off by how distributors were treated. Dave realized he had the skills of a distributor and the skills of a business owner so he decided to start his own company that harnessed the power of network marketing industry.

But Dave started Valentus with passion and  integrity.  His guiding light, his keystone was, “the love of his distributors”.  To Dave his distributors are family and must be treated with the respect, dignity and love they deserve.

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“Leader after leader comes over to Valentus,” Dave says. “These are people who were making strong incomes at other companies but they want the Valentus culture.”  This is all part of Dave’s goal to create a company that fulfills the dreams of the distributors.

“We help each other,” Dave says.

“We are part of a family. People are looking for a home and the company that will nurture their dreams and won’t hurt them.”

As the Valentus family grows, they find that Dave isn’t the typical CEO nor is Valentus the typical company. It’s where dreams are fulfilled and potential is discovered.

About Valentus

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Since the iconic beauty company was founded in 1963, Mary Kay Inc. has fostered a culture of creativity and innovation and invests millions of dollars in research and development. The company conducts hundreds of thousands of tests each year to ensure Mary Kay® products meet the highest standards of safety and performance.

“Mary Kay is on the front lines of innovation and we’re excited to announce a beauty industry first in the form of our TimeWise® Vitamin C Activating Squares™ at our annual U.S. Seminar,”

said Dr. Lucy Gildea, Chief Scientific Officer for Mary Kay Inc.

“Pure vitamin C degrades and loses its power over time when exposed to air, light or water, but with the new Mary Kay® dissolvable vitamin C square, a serum is enhanced and boosted with a fresh, pure and potent vitamin C elixir. It’s a revolutionary skin care innovation in the palm of your hand.”

To date, more than 1,300 Mary Kay patents have been granted and in 2016 another 130 patents were awarded. The milestones validate Mary Kay’s status as one of the top innovators in the direct selling and cosmetic industries.

Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants will get their first look at the newly launched innovations at the company’s annual U.S. Seminar held July 20 through Aug. 4 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas.  The convention, comprised of four back-to-back conferences, is one of the largest annual events in North Texas based on attendance, economic impact and hotel room nights.

“We love summers in Dallas because we get to welcome thousands of Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants from every corner of the country, as well as those traffic-stopping Mary Kay pink Cadillacs, who return to our hometown of Dallas for the company’s annual Seminar,” said Nathan Moore, President of Mary Kay’s North America Region.

“As we celebrate the success of our Mary Kay entrepreneurs through recognition, education, inspiration and motivation for the year ahead, the event gives a generous boost to our local economy.”

The Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau estimates Seminar 2017 will pump $48 million into the North Texas economy and supports 4,665 jobs in the Dallas area.  The Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center has hosted nearly 1.2 million attendees for Mary Kay’s Seminar since 1974.  During this year’s event, approximately $5 million in recognition prizes will be awarded including the coveted Mary Kay pink Cadillac.

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About Mary Kay

At Mary Kay, success lies in our dedication to irresistible products, a rewarding opportunity and positive community impact.  For more than 53 years, Mary Kay has inspired women to achieve their entrepreneurial goals in nearly 40 countries.  As a multibillion-dollar company, we offer the latest in cutting-edge skin care, bold color cosmetics and fragrances. Discover more reasons to love Mary Kay at

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